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  • STEP 01
    99.9% sterilization through
    pure chlorine dioxide
  • STEP 02
    Improved-disinfection effect
    persistemce through material
    conversion method
  • STEP 03
    Harmless to human body
    with environment-friendly
    raw materials
  • STEP 04
    Sterilize the whole body by
    micro-injection method
ClO₂ special method
lt is a technology that maintains the sterilizing power
stably for long term with a method of manufacturing
high-purity chlorine dioxide through conversion of
substances without adding any additives during the
manufacturing process.

skin n gate 로고Function

SKIN N GATE is a sterilization disinfection system that is essential for frequent
people’s traffic due to its easy use and perfect sterilization power.
01Body temperature measurement and
facial recognition function
SKIN N GATE is a system that records and records the access records and body
temperature of about 36,000 users and tracks the path of infection through this.
02Automatic recognition system
Built-in automatic recognition sensor, the sensor reacts when entering and
exiting the gate, and streilization starts.
03Micro spray
Mist is sprayed from 6 nozzles on the top 2 and 4 on the left and right to
sterilize and sterilize the entire body.
04Approved raw materials
Chlorine dioxide is an FDA, WHO approved substance and is the strongest and
safest sterilization and disinfectant when used at the proper concentration.

Ai Face Recognition DeviceFace recognition body temperature

check in once!
Automatically detects faces and Checks body temperature.
01. It is safe
Non-contact security system
Face recognition / Face capture /
Face comparison
02. It is exact
Accurate body temperature detection
(error range 0.3)
heat warning, detection of wearing a mask
warning system when a fever or outside
body temperature detection distance
is 0.5 ~ 2.5M
03. It is high efficient
Face recognition distance 0.5 ~ 2.5m,
recognition speed and accuracy
200ms / 99.5%
Data output, management support :
complete face capture / recognition /
body temperature recording

How to useskin n gate 로고


※ Body temperature measurement and facial recognition funtion

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    Face and body temperature are
    checked with a facial recognition
    system before entering the gate.
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    Built-in automatic recognition sensor
    automatically starts spraying when
    passing through the gate.
  • 이미지
    After entering the gate, wait for
    about 1.5 seconds in the center
    of the gate.
  • 이미지
    When spraying is complete, it moves
    throygh the gate.

Where to useskin n gate 로고

SKIN N GATE can be use in places people keep coming and going, such as airports,
cultural facilities, shopping malls, health centers, etc.
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Sterilization / Disinfection / Removal of harmful bacteria

Is ClO₂ really safe?

It is safe material recognized worldwide


  • FDA로고
    Environmental Protection Agency (USA)
    Registered as a food additive in 1998
    21CFR 173.300
  • FDA로고
    European Union (EU)
    Decision of suitability for use in 2006 regulated the detailed use and usage
    EPA 738-R-06-007
  • FDA로고
    Food and Drug Administration (USA)
    Recommended to Member States for use as a disinfectant for drinking water in 1998
  • FDA로고
    National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
    Adopted for complete sterilization in space shuttle and space type
  • FDA로고
    World Health Organization, WHO (WHO)
    Highest safety rating (A-1) recognized
  • FDA로고
    Ministry of Environment (KOREA)
    Allowed as a disinfectant disinfectant in the Drinking Water Management Act of 1999 (below 1ppm)
    Ministry of Environment Notice No. 1999-173
  • FDA로고
    Food and Drug Administration (USA)
    In 2007, it was approved for sterilization of food additives and fruits and vegetables.
    Korea Food and Drug Administration Notification No. 2007-74
    Designated to be used as a hygiene management material in Sashimi Aquarium in 2009
    Korea Food and Drug Administration Notification No. 2009-66
    2009 chlorine-based disinfectant, diisocyanurate sodium, etc.
    Korea Food and Drug Administration Notification No. 2009-103
  • FDA로고
    Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (KOREA)
    2008 Use of organic products as processing aid
    Food Industry Promotion Agency Act No. 9759
    Regulation of chlorine dioxide disinfection in 2008 for the prevention of livestock epidemics
    Livestock Infectious Disease Prevention Act Enforcement Rule 20 Clause 2

skin n gate 로고Specifications

ITEM Detail
Product name Smart sterilization gate
Model name SKINGATE - 2020P
Rated voltage AC200V / 60Hz
System size 1960(W) x 2350(H) x 850(D)
Power consumption (W) 200W
Total weight About 100Kg
LCD size 7 inches
Average particle size 10 ~ 50㎛
Disinfectant storage tank capacity 30 L
Disinfectant 40 L